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S.K.Polymer Co., Ltd. is one of Thailand’s leading molded rubber parts manufacturers.

We started as a small entrepreneurial company in 1991.  At the present we have about 400 people working together to deliver quality rubber and plastic components for automotive, electrical appliance, electronic equipment, pharmaceutical and other industries.

On our path, we strongly believe in Total Quality Management (TQM) which has been implemented for more than 10 years. We receive world-wide customers’ trust in our service across various industries, and are grateful for a number of supplier awards. Combining family business atmosphere with disciplined new bloods, our organization evolves to be modern in readiness for changes.

Our vision

“We are a World-Class Innovative organization dedicated to creating values
for mankind through polymer products.”

Our mission

1. Expand customer base into new industries and new geographical area for business stability.
2. Design and develop innovative and high value products with own patents.
3. Manufacture as an OEM subcontractor to gain customer’s confidence as their first choice.
4. Upgrade company’s Human Resource Department to enhance employees’ managerial and leadership competencies as well as employees’ happiness,           carrier path and job security.
5. Create social activities to pay back to the society and to become community’s beloved organization.

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From Small Entrepreneur in 1991 towards a World-Class Organization

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Rubber Parts
Rubber Parts
Rubber Parts Thailand
Rubber Parts

S.K. Polymer is proud to be a world’s leading rubber and plastic manufacturer for pharmaceutical and medical devices. Our new manufacturing plant fulfills the highest standards of ISO 13485.

We continually strive to ensure the safety and quality of our products while simultaneously improving production efficiency.

Our future expansion of facilities include clean rooms of class 100,000 molding process, class 10,000 treatment process, and class 100 packing units. It is also designed to accommodate the standards of ISO 8871 (Elastomeric parts for parenteral & devices for pharmaceutical use) and ISO 10993 (Biological evaluation of medical devices).

Rubber Parts for Medical Device
Rubber Parts for Medical Device
Rubber Parts Manufacturer
Rubber Parts Manufacturer


"Designed for Your Identity"

   S.K.Polymer- a creative design and manufacturing company!! With our own in-house designers and  manufacturing facilities, Polymate has wide range of houseware, office accessories or stationary , kitchen & tabletop, and child’s safety products, gifts and lifestyle products. 

     Our designs focus on functionality, uniqueness and ease-of-use, corresponding perfectly with today’s modern lifestyle. In addition to our retail lineups, Polymate also provides custom-design service for cooperates “Design for your indentity”.

     Our current custom-made products include beer tower dispenser (Chang Beer), tissue cases (Berli Jucker), bag tag (Nikon), stationary holder (Krung Thai Bank), hot mat (Coca Cola) and many more.

     We pay attention to each customer’s brand characteristics. The result is a new, unique corporate premium or promotional items that perfectly suits their brand only.SK


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